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UV Range Stepped Neutral Density on fused silica for full uv range control                

Maier Photonics manufactures custom and standard optical filters for a wide spectrum of applications.  These include machine vision, HPLC, gas chromatography, instrument calibration and flourescence microscopy.  
Our online catalog continues to grow.  The listed bandpass, longpass, shortpass, and neutral density filters are just a few in our expanding inventory.  Please call or email us if you don't see the filter you need.  Our goal is to provide you with a perfect filter solution for your product or research project.

Our flexibility to run small prototype lots and custom setups at low cost have helped companies develop their products using our filters.
The continuous variable density filters are extremely useful in that they act as a “light dimmer” for light sources such as lasers.  Circular or linear configurations can smoothly attenuate light for precision adjustments.

Our bandpass filters standard sizes are 12.7, 25.0 and 50 mm diameter. 
Ring mounted or unmounted versions and other sizes possible.  Square configurations in any size required.

The non-hydroscopic (NH) type filters are more suitable for instruments in the field or in a non lab environment.


Maier neutral density filters are used in calibration of medical devices and laser sighting.  Available in custom and standard sizes for the UV-VIS-NIR range.

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