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656 ITF Bandpass Filter

Price: $80.00
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Item Number: 656-ITF/17
Manufacturer: Maier Photonics
ITF (induced transmission filter) designed for h-alpha line 656.3 nm blocking. Thinfilm coated filter incorporates silver metal layers that  reflect/absorb wavelengths from 700-3000 nm and greater.  A Schott RG610 glass aids blocking for lower wavelengths (600 nm- xray).  
Size:  0.690 inches diameter +/- .005
Thickness:  0.125 inches +/- .010
Transmission: 656.3 nm > 55%T
Antireflective coating:  MgF2 "V" coating on sides 1 and 2
Out of Band Blocking: Optical Density > OD 5 xray-3000 nm  (O.D. 4.0 minimum 800-1400 nm)
Scratch-dig: 60/40
Laminated filter edge scribed for long life.  Black epoxy sealed around the perimeter.