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MAIER PHOTONICS was founded in 1991 as a division of Maier Electronics, a strong D&B rated company with over 35 years of successful electro-optical manufacturing experience. 

Christopher Maier began Maier Photonics Division in 1991 offering custom thinfilm coating services for optical research and industrial applications. 

Today Maier Photonics, Inc. is a privately held corporation offering a full line of optical filters in the UV-VIS-NIR range including bandpass, beamsplitters, long and shortpass filters and neutral denstiy filters including step and variable neutral density filters. 

Our optical coating lab features electron beam depostioning,  computer aided design and cnc glass configuring.
Maier Photonics emphasizes tight quality control managment.  Our Varian Cary spectrophotometers are calibrated regularily and no filter leaves the shop until each has been measured and batch tests.

We hope you will browse through our online catalog and find our prices very competive and our quality outstanding.


Christopher Maier